Customized baling presses and conveyors for every application, every material and every individual requirement.

ANIS Trend d.o.o. is an internationally known machine-building company with its headquarters in Slovenia. It has been developing, designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of robust auto-tie channel bale presses for maximum compaction of all kinds of waste materials and their feed conveyors for over 25 years.

Years of experience in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for processing of secondary raw materials date back to the eighties and serial production at the ex-factory RIKO in Ribnica.

Baling solutions driven by experience

Since 1994 the company has been growing continuously and has performed over 350 different installations around the world and has gained much experience within the field. On this foundation, we provide complete equipment for the management of communal, packaging, and industrial waste.

Today, our machines can be found in most parts of Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Asia.

The philosophy »Baling solutions driven by experience« links ANIS with business partners around the world.


Channel Baling presses

ANIS offers all options – Preflap & Shear technologies to handle the widest possible range of materials; cutting and pre-press which the last one has two pre-press methods: prepress with Single Flap and prepress with Double lateral Flaps.


Scrap presses

Metal baling press is an irreplaceable machine at MRF’s – Sorting plants. It is used for efficient compression of sheet metal such as cans and edge trims.


Conveyor Belts

ANIS has years of experience in supplying conveyor systems, which are implemented for you in a customer-specific manner using the various types of conveyor belts which ANIS can supply.
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