EcoVision: creates space for waste.


About Company:


Ambitious. Innovative. Passionate. They are a young organisation that offers state of the art solutions for your waste management like smart, spacesaving containers that can even be placed underground! Equipped with a patented pressing system they increase capacity of the containers for the storage of waste, thus reducing transport by at least a factor 5. Providing solutions to urban areas and a modern day must for everybody who wants to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and increase road safety.

Vision of the Company


A liveable environment for everybody. Less transportation, less litter and representative solutions for waste. No smelly containers in front of your office, no littering in your parking garage and no internal logistical problems with your food waste. The possibility of keeping your waste streams separate, and having them removed by one vehicle. Impossible? Not in our opinion! The EcoVision concept provides the solution. Like to learn more? We love to share our vision with you!


Organisation of the Company


We grew up in the heart of Amsterdam. Our products were designed to meet the problems arising in the historical city centre where space is limited and demands for aesthetics are high. Our products were tested and proven there. Meanwhile service is now provided in the entire country. Your waste is collected fast and efficiently. Is there a technical problem? We offer a 24/7 solution with our own technicians. Do you require custom made solutions? Let us know. We like to be part of the solution.

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