Isoli S.p.A.’s beginnings go back to 1946, when trucks meant a lot for getting Italy on the move better and quicker while it was being rebuilt. There was a need for men with broad shoulders, brilliant hunches and clear ideas. In just a few years Isoli became a large and modern company responding quickly to the needs of a fast growing and changing market.


The present is the result of more than fifty years commitment to seeking high quality levels and reliability. Isoli more than keeps abreast of market trends and promptly offers outstanding solutions, often ahead of the times. Isoli satisfies the most urgent needs of its customers, who demand the best for their work.


Isoli’s future is already here in terms of state-of-the-art technological decisions and investments in human resources and energy in order to design solutions that will satisfy the more demanding and watchful market in the near future. The future comes from the present, which is seeing a continual growth in the men, ideas, production means, designs and the organisation that has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. The future is expressed through the massive computerization of the design and production processes with the adoption of suitable technologies for building better performing and safer machines more quickly.


The most important investment made by Isoli is in human resources. Isoli believes in its employees and after having very carefully selected them, cultivates and enhances their capabilities and skills. Isoli employees work in a stimulating environment that appreciates and rewards the value of persons. Isoli believes in Quality and gives due consideration to the quality of persons and working relationships.


For years Isoli has been a leader on the Italian market, appreciated for its quality, reliability and innovation. This compelling position has helped increase the penetration of Isoli equipment into foreign markets. The company is now present on the markets of western and eastern Europe as well as the Middle and the Far East. Constant and continual expansion ensures a flourishing present and the promise of more successes for the future.

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