The company founder, Karl Mόller, laid the foundation for one of today’s leading companies in the trailer industry when he took over his father’s blacksmith’s shop in 1929. The development and construction of the first all-steel pole trailer with rubber tires in 1931 was followed by the series production and simultaneous foundation of the vehicle factory.

After World War II and monetary reform, Karl Mόller started a comeback with hard work and perseverance. In 1950, the construction of the first special UNIMOG trailer set the course for an extensive UNIMOG trailer production. The production of 5000 trailers by 1958 put the company on
a course of expansion.

In 1965, the construction of the first tandem trailer started the extension of the product range to the series production of tandem, truck and lowload trailers. When Karl Mόller converted his life’s work into a ”GmbH & Co. KG” firm.

In 1971, he left a company with additional production halls, 100 employees, and a reputation that extended far beyond the borders of Germany.

The development of future-oriented trailer concepts defined the ensuing years of continuous success and robust expansion. We have perpetuated the legacy of solidarity and visionary entrepreneurial courage to this day.

The concept at Müller-Mitteltal has always been to provide individualised solutions for transportation  requirements. For more than 70 years, we have been a reliable partner in the construction industry,  freight transport and the electricity industry, for communal-, waste management and recycling companies as well as shippers. Our company philosophy is to provide modern automotive engineering at fair prices.

Over 50,000 trailers in goods transport can confirm our commitment.

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