Messersì company was founded in 1957 by two brothers Italo and Fabio Messersì as a small shop in Senigallia, in which, with three employees, they started to manufacture construction tools.
The company quickly expanded thanks to the strong entrepreneurial capacity of the promoter and to the big increase in the building market.


During those years, with an increased number of workers, the company started to produce, besides, the first building yard machines, as concrete mixers, mullers, electric and diesel elevators and appeared in the foreign markets beginning to export particularly in the north of Africa and attending with success at the first national fairs in this field.


With the inauguration of a new plant of 16.000 squared metres and a further increase in the number of employees, the company assumed industrial features in the 70's. New products were introduced, for example the first dumper with 2 or 4 driving wheels with hydraulic unload, and the scaffolding systems with patented pins and bushings connection. In the same time the trade mark was conceived and patented.


The current production lines loomed at the begin of the ’90. In the same time Messersì began the design and the manufacturing of the hydrostatic Minitransporters, the first in Italy, and a model of loader with hydrostatic transmission, homologated for the road circulation. Also the Miniexcavators production began. The company grew quickly, the staff reaching 120 units, and the firm obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification.


Messersì unveiled the new factory for steel platform and scaffolding of about 14.000 squares metres, with highly automatized plants and an increased production capacity, at the begin of the new millennium.
The Company works now in two plants of 30.000 squares metres with a totally surface of 70.000 squares metres. The staff exceeds 130 units.
The "M-22 U", the first excavator "ZTS" (Zero Tail Swing) renewed the range of Miniexcavators, and, in the new line of Skid Steer Loader, the model CTL-35 is particularly interesting, being the unique of its kind. Also the minitransporter line is renewing nowadays with the new range of TCH.
For the next two-years period, the plans are for two new models of miniescavators, and a new Skid Steer Loader.

Business Area

Looking after and interpreting the Customers' most important requirements has always been our priority.
Messersì was established in 1956 and today it is working in two Business Areas:

  • Manufacturing of scaffolding systems for the building industry
  • Manufacturing of building yard and construction machines.

Every new solution we find is just a new starting point from which we create products and offer services which are worth to our Customers.


Thanks to the most updated design technologies and to the use of high quality materials and components, our machines can meet every type of challenge with the guarantee of high performance which last in long time.

Great ideas at your service created today looking towards tomorrow. Excellent technical solutions. Everything combines in order to create a standard of performance which Messersì can guarantee worldwide.


Deep in “Blue Giant” Messersì’s heart lay the principles of a company which strongly believes in hard work in order to achieve excellent results.

Quality of materials, high level of technology of every single part and check of the production and the assembling process are the basic elements of our way of working.

Strength of building and functional design guarantee that all Messersì products can give the highest performance in any condition, high safety standards and very high quality/price ratio.


A product from Messersì does not only mean reliability, performance and safety, but it also means guarantee of fast and efficient after sales and spare parts services.

Our Customers know for sure that they can always count on us, no matter where they are and what problems they may be.


Dealers or retailers of Messersì products are well recognisable, as since the beginning they become the main reference point for the end users and because starting from the choice of the machine they can direct their Customers towards the best solutions.

The Dealer or the retailer of Messersì products is our best partner who is given the utmost priority and continuous attention as far as its relationship with own market is concerned, in order to offer the best service to the end user.


Messersì is selling its building equipment and machines on the whole Italian territory, thanks to a widespread retailer network.

The company started its export activity in 1961. Following a wise development policy, over the years “The Blue Giant” has achieved important goals and, after strengthening its position in Europe, today it is selling its products worldwide.

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