On 4 December 2017 at the premises of the backyard waste storage facility at the restored CHADA of the Municipality of Lefkada at the "Alykes Lefkada" site, the arrival of a new MSW Bundling System of the Swedish FLEXUS BALASYSTEM plant.

The BREEZE baler is suitable for compaction and batching of various composite refuse such as e.g. organic, etc., as they come from their harvesting with the usual waste collection vehicles or from a pretreatment stream, without having undergone any other treatment such as e.g. cutting, etc.

The unit is portable, mobile, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The entire baler is designed for easy transport and quick installation - dismantling, thus allowing it to operate in different locations. For this reason, the baling and packing system as well as the loading unit, consisting of a suitable conveyor belt and hopper, are fitted in suitable Roll-on & Roll-off frames made according to Swedish and European standards so that they can loaded directly onto a Hook-lift hoist.

Below you see photos from the arrival of the equipment:




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