In the Beggining of January 2014 delivered the NEW Refuse Compactor BOMAG.


The refuse compactor of cognitive and Euphemia - Qualified German factory BOMAG is a special machine for high compression fully covers on landfill waste and is the type BC 572 RB-2.

It is suitable for all promotional requirements compression-Screed waste. Has ability to work with complete efficiency at every point of the landfill on the front or side slope with a maximum slope 1:2 = 45 º = 100%.

The machine is properly equipped so in order to ensure the smooth operation of the bottom of the most adverse conditions throughout the year.

The weight of the compactor is 28.6 tons, and passes driven by a water-cooled, Turbocharged engine with horsepower 304 HP.

Below you can see some pictures of the compactor during transportation and delivery to Municipality of Pellas:






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